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  Diet Plans Using the Medi-Cal Nutritional Supplement:

The Medi-Cal Nutritional Supplement is a very high protein supplement that is very low in fat and carbohydrate content. It can be used in a variety of ways to make up a high protein diet that provides 800 or more kcal (or calories) per day. You should not consume a high protein diet less than 800 calories daily unless under the supervision of a physician.

Why a high protein diet?

First, a high protein diet assures that your weight loss is due to loss of fat and not muscle. Consuming relatively low calories that have low amounts of protein results in significant muscle loss which is, of course, not desirable. Secondly, high protein diets suppress hunger. Most individuals consuming high protein diets of 800 to 1000 calories daily do not have feelings of hunger. And finally, a high protein diet results in a maintenance of relatively high fat metabolism; in other words, your body metabolism is maintained at a relatively high rate and your metabolism will not “shut down” as is usually the case in individuals who are consuming low calorie diets that are low in protein content. The bottom line is that individuals who are on high protein diets that are relatively low in calories are much more successful in losing substantial amounts of weight than individuals who are on lower protein diets. If you have diabetes mellitus and are going on a high protein diet, your medication requirements might be significantly reduced.


For example, if you are on insulin, you may require much less insulin than you currently need to control your blood glucose. And if you are on certain oral agent, particularly the sulfonylureas such as glipizide, glyburide, or glimeperide, your requirements may also significantly diminish or even be eliminated. You should consult your physician and monitor your blood glucose carefully when going on a high protein diet. When making up your diet, you should attempt to consume approximately 50 percent as protein, 35 percent as carbohydrate, and 15 percent as fat. If you decide that and 800 calorie diet is appropriate for you, then approximately 400 calories (or 100 grams) should be made of protein, 280 calories (or 70 grams) should be made of carbohydrate, and 120 calories (or 13 grams) should be made of fat. If you are a tall individual and believe that 1000 calories a day is more appropriate, you would want to to consume 125 grams of protein, 87 grams of carbohydrate, and 17 grams of fat. Each serving (one scoop) of Medi-Cal Nutritional Supplement contains 14 grams of high quality protein and 8 grams of carbohydrate. Most individuals use 5 servings of the Medi-Cal supplement daily in conjunction with other protein sources.


Rapid Weight Loss Plan

  Medi-Cal Nutritional Supplement rapid weight loss plan must be monitored by your medical physician.


  • Men expect to lose 5+ lbs. of fat tissue per week.

  • Women expect to lose 3+ lbs. of fat tissue per week.

  • ONLY 5-6 Shakes per day.

  • 500-600 calories ingested per day.

  • 100% Medi-Cal liquid protein ingested.


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Aggressive Weight Loss Plan

Conservative Weight Loss Plan

   Medi-Cal Nutritional Supplement  Aggressive Self-Care Weight Loss Plan.


  • Men look to lose 3+ lbs. of fat tissue per week.

  • Women look to lose 2+ lbs. of fat tissue per week.

  • 800-1000 calorie healthy meal per day plus 3-4 shakes.

  • Total daily calories 33% Medi-Cal liquid protein, 66% solid food ingested.

  Medi-Cal Nutritional  Supplement  Conservative Self-Care  Weight Loss Plan


  • Men look to lose up to 2+ lbs. of fat tissue per week.

  • Women look to lose up to 1.5+ lbs. of fat tissue per week.

  • 1-2 Shakes per day as a snack replacement to reduce hunger.

  • Total daily calories 10% Medi-Cal liquid protein, 90% solid food ingested.

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