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  A leading clinical name in Protein Sparing Modify Fasting (PSMF) weight loss formulas is now going by a new name. Endocrine Health Products International, LLC has changed from Medi-Cal to 5:2 Diet Medi-CalProtein on its website and While this shift in branding signals a renewal and re-invigoration of the company’s direct sales marketing to focus on the intermittent fasting plan of the 5:2 Diet, consumers will be able to expect the same quality product that they have been using for years.

  Speaking to the recent name change, a company spokesperson for Endocrine Health Products International offered his thoughts, “we are pleased to announce the new identity of one of our most beloved products, and want to assure all of our loyal customers that they can expect all of the benefits that they have come to associate with our original formulation, as well as a few new ones. This change marks not only a new chapter in our history as a company, but in the lives of all those who have grown to love our product.”


  Medi-CalProtein is now formulated for a 5:2 diet plan, which promises fast weight loss through a boosted metabolism. At 115 calories, it includes more multidimensional protein sources, is fortified with Aminogen and Papain for absorption, and is uses the natural sweetener Stevia for taste. With 22g of a high protein content, it allows users to replace between two and five meals, two days a week, with the supplement, which can be dissolved in cold water or mixed with a no-calorie beverage. It promotes all-around health benefits that can prove useful for the long term. The original Medi-Cal formula can still be purchase at the the Endocrine Treatment Center.

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